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Welcome to Community Safety at Gravesend Lifeboat Station.

Located at the end of Royal Terrace Pier, Gravesend Lifeboat Station maintains a 24 hour rescue service to help those in distress on the River Thames.

The community safety team at Gravesend are committed to raising awareness of water safety around the areas of Gravesend and Dartford. We are part of the RNLI’s goal to half the number of accidental coastal deaths by 2024. Sadly around 190 people lose their lives at UK and Irish Coasts each year, and over half never even planned to enter the water.

If you love being by or on the water read on to find out the best ways to stay safe. If you are a community group and would like an input on how to stay safe on or near water then we want to hear from you!


Safety Advice

Check out our safety pages full of free advice and downloads for many water based activities along the River Thames.

Respect The Water

Respect the Water is at the heart of our prevention work, which is aimed at promoting safety advice to all who visit the coast.

Latest News

Float To Live

Float to Live: If you're in trouble in cold water: Fight your instinct to thrash around Lean back, extend your arms and legs If you need to, gently move your arms and legs to help you float Float until you can control your breathing Only then call for help...

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